Physical Therapy

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About Physical Therapy

Some patients are unaware that if their doctor perscribes physical therapy, they have a choice as to where they may be treated. Most insurance plans allow you the freedom to choose where you go for your ongoing care. We hope to be given the opportunity to help you reach your personal goals for returning to your ideal lifestyle!


At Abilities Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, we see patients and clients of all ages and walks of life, from the student athlete to the retired adult. Clients and patients see us for reasons of injury, surgery or just to reach their potential in optimum health. We are "In Network" for most insurance carriers and work closely with them to assist clients and patients with what may or may not be considered in their plan.

Move Forward

Success Stories

“After 10 years of chronic pain in my hip, I finally found the real cause after being misdiagnosed. I was being treated for my knees at the time, I probably would have gone 10 more years with chronic pain. Then I received physical therapy at Abilities. I needed to relieve the pain. Susan Dumore is aptly named. I can now DO MORE. Thank you!
~C.O., Rye, NH

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